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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Left house today at 2.15p.m and met Latha at Yishun MRT Station. Went to Boon Lay to meet the rest of 05S71 at Boon Lay with her. Oh ya, on the way there, there was this Indian guy who kept looking at Latha. Maybe he likes her. Yeah, our Ms. Vasantham in her Punjabi suit. Reached there at 3.10p.m and only Touty, Mervin, Zulkiflee and Faiz was there. Had to wait for the rest and finally, we went to Zaheerah's house at 4.30p.m. Long waiting time yeah? Ate the Mee Siam prepared by her mum and chit chat till 5.30p.m. Then, head off to Zul's house. We were received by his cute brother and stayed there till 7.30p.m We ate Nasi Lemak there. Gosh, I was already full. Watched the latest Power Rangers series with his two little brothers. Then, in the midst of nowhere, Calvin suddenly asked, " Why got no advertisements huh?" Hahahaha... It was a VCD, mind you Calvin... Hahahaha... Gerald cliqued so well with Zul's 4th brother. Next, it was Yasin's house. The "TUPAC Rebirth" , that's what I called him. Ate Bee Hoon Goreng there and had Bandung drink. Gosh! My favourite! Stayed till 8.20p.m and moved on to Bashirah's parent's house. Her parents ordered pizza for us. So sweet and kind of them. Stayed till 10.00p.m and later proceeded to her grandma's house. Watched some show at MTV Channel. It features these 2 disgusting guys that did nonsensical stuffs that no one can thought off. Lastly, it was my house. My cats were the main attraction. Hahaha... My mum cooked Bee Hoon goreng but the guests were too full. Haizzz... It is oklah. Every single house, the parents have kindly prepared something special for us. So touched. We ended the whole thing at 11.50p.m. Wish they could have stayed longer at my house but I understand their situation. Some stayed at Yew Tee, Woodlands, Newton, Bukit Panjang or even as far as Boon Lay. So nice of some of the S71 peeps to spare some time off from their busy schedule to join me in the S71 Hari Raya de Tour. Should organise something like this for Christmas and Chinese New Year as well as Deepavali too.. Let's see, who'll take the initiative... My main motive of doing this whole thing is to let the non-Muslims to taste the feeling of doing Hari Raya trips and visitting Muslim houses during the festive occasion of Hari Raya. Just wanna let them see how we decorate as well as celebrate our house for Hari Raya. Oh ya, not forgetting to taste the different cookies, cakes, tarts made specially for Hari Raya. hope every single one of us who joined the S71 Hari Raya de Tour has enjoyed the whole thing and left with a special memorable moment spent with their cgmates. And to all the S71's Muslims, hope this will be the most memorable Hari Raya tour with your friends. One of the best thing about this gathering is that, we got people who never turn up for class gathering have finally show up during this class gathering and luckily, nobody throw tantrums. Thank you all! They are... Madeleine, Lily, Gerald, Latha, Zaheerah, Mirna, Bashirah, Touty, Idhzuan, Yasin, Calvin, Zulfiflee, Faiz, Mervin and Saunders .. As the organiser, I would like to apologise if there is any mistakes or wrongs that I've done or any other insatisfaction with the way I've organised the trip. looking forward to more trips...

S71 Spirit!...Keep it high!

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