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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Assalamualaikum. A personal "Thank You" to Saddiqi for sending me most of the photos that we took in the past and those taken during the chalet. Gosh! I can see distinct difference in those pictures that shot me many years ago and that of recently. 3 years ago, my wish was to grow fatter but instead, I grew slimmer 3 years later. Now my wish is also to grow "meater" and hope I will not grow slimmer in future. Hahaha... I realise that the slimmer I got, the uglier I am. So, have to grow FAT before next year. Wish I can come to school next year with brand new image, brand new personality (for the better) and the brand new attitude. Will that be a challenge? A great one it will be. Haizz, with my current appetite, the task will definitely be more gruelling. Take for yesterday, my first meal was at 5.00p.m. Goodness gracious.

Discovered a Korean singer. Wow! He can dance really well. The voice was okaylah. Not as good as Siti Nurhaliza, I must say. Hahahaha! You people gonna kill me soon if I keep relating and comparing all the singers with Siti Nurhaliza. Hahaha... Obsessed! Back to the Korean singer. His name is Rain. Rain? His dance moves were superb. Michael Jackson of the new era. If anyone got his music videos, care to share with me ya. Especially the one entittled "It's Raining"

Went to Orchard Road last week. Wow! The lightings were awesome. Especially the one near to Plaza Singapura. It is like raining lights. You get what I mean? There were strands of light bulbs hanged onto the tree branches. Love it. Forgot to snap some photos of it but I'll go there soon.

Got to go and read the music notes and get ready for tomorrow band practice. Mr. Lim is going to go through our mega performance pieces. Oh, I got this one. Amparito Roca, a Spanish number. Shisshhh! I got the "Howls Moving Castle", a Japanese piece and tenor saxophone got a solo part. 1/3 of it will beTenor Saxophone's solo part. After hearing that, I was like..." Oh so what! There'll surely be other Tenor Saxophone players in my band that will be performing at Esplanade" Oh and there goes Mr. Lim again, "Oh ya Izwan, you are the one and only Tenor Saxophone player in the band..." and I go " What! Are u kidding?" Gosh! This WASBE thing is already giving me jitters and what is more with this kind of confession. 1/3 of the song? Mind you! And it will be performed at Esplanade Concert Hall and people will be paying $11 for this and guess what's expected from me? Gosh! Perfect solo part! In addition, the sound quality is superb there in the Esplanade Concert Hall and they will hear clearly each and every note that we will be playing and what's more the soloist. Gosh! I am gonna be mad over this.

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