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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I am so sorry to those that I've offended with my previous entry. I really really really do not want to scold or insult anybody. It wasn't meant to beg you people for an apology but it was just the pouring of my feelings (did i put it the right way?). It was out of my mind to offend you people. No, no, not. That wasn't my intention. I was so angry and I thought my blog is a good place to express my heartfelt. That is all. No other motives.

Yesterday was Innova Junior College's 1st Annual Sports Meet. Fun, not spectating the event but talking to my friends. Had a great time chatting with Fazlan, Yamin, Calvin, Khai Siang and Tian Chong during the event. Strange huh. This is the group of people that you don't see me often talking to. Trying for some change. Changes are good for the brain you see. Don't you think so? Wah, Mr. Teo can run really fast. As for Mr. Chen, not surprise lah. He's good. Oh no, not good but REALLY good. Congratulations RASALAS for being the Champion House for the Sports Day. I wonder which house will eventually emerge as the Overall Champion House 2005. Taurus stands a good chance. I am correcting my ways and sorting things out. Whatever happened last week thought me a lot of things. Really appreciate it. Yesterday was also the date due for Written Report. Khai Siang, remember this that I don't even feel a pinch of anger with you.
"Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Don't cry but smile because it happened" This is one of my favourite quotes but forget who said it. Remember this people, everything that I did, I did it because of some reasons. Never once, I did it to offend or hurt you in any way. Never.

Had band today. Came late again. So sorry Fazlan, Maslyn and Ismail. Actually, I never promised you guys to wait for me. I even told you guys to go first because don't want you guys get scolded but still, you people are so sweet. Thank you. We made it on time when the band members were still setting up their instruments and music stands. I was so ashamed that I do not even know how to play my E flat Major scale on my Baritone Saxophone. I know how to do so on my Tenor Sax but not on the Baritone one.

Gosh, I do not know how to do a poster on the computer. Yes with crayons and drawing paper but not on the paper. I am sort of an IT idiot and I am not ashame to say so. So, do not expect a nice poster from me, just a simple one. So sorry!

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