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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! I am pretty sure people will question, “This guy who'll be having promo in two days time still has the time to blog?" Hahaha. Yup, I agree to it to a certain extent but I still have some back up to turn the question off. I'll take that blogging this time is part of my preparation for my General Paper that dwell with a lot of perspective and debate in a different manner that is via writing. I realise one thing while I was doing my final timed comprehension practice which was done yesterday, that is I can express and manifest my idea better on the paper than orally. This week has been a not-so-good week for me. The clock has never seem so alive. Time is running real fast and I am trying wading through the puddle of my messy life. Things are in shambles and I am pushing myself to put it back in order. I want to see a clearer picture of my life, not an ambiguous one. I do not want to leave no stone unturned.

Yesterday, Syahidah's journey to a greater success in London really open my eyes wide open. I'll definitely miss her. She's such a dear friend to me. As I said earlier in my previous entry, she's my IDOL. I wish I can be like her but sadly, I am taking 3 'A' level subjects and this relegate me to the last line of the queue for scholarship. I am certainly not meeting the requisite, but still I'll just be contented if I manage to grab my Honours at a local university, NUS perhaps.

Leader! What is actually the role of a leader? Well, this is my stand. I think being a leader, it gives one the authority to correct his/her member but this certainly does meant to satire or to scrutinize them. Also, the leader has to be a role model to his/her fellow members. This is the grueling part. But me personally, I'll take it as a challenge and will give my very best to each slot of being a leader that is given to me. Millions of leaders are out there but sad to say, only 40-50% of these leaders are TRUE leaders. One of the criteria to be a leader is definitely "Responsible". What I can advise to those leadrer wannabes is to look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I ready to take the responsibility?" What responsibility do I refer to in the question? It is the responsibility to juggle the responsibility of your fellow members, to handle the problems that will surface in your group, to bind your group members together, to give equal attention (to be fair i mean) to each and everyone of your fellow members and to be the voice for your group. To be fair, this is the real challenge. As human beings, it is a norm for one to have some preference in our lives, but being a leader, you have to take it as something positive and compulsory as well as part of your nature of a Leader. One needs to see an immense spectrum of the situation and certainly not a bigotted one. Yup true, I am nobody to talk about this but I felt the need to do so to clear some doubts of people around me who do not fathoms of a Leader.

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