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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Assalamualaikum. First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you who gave your word of encouragement to me. Each and every single one of them are very meaningful to me. Hey People! You left an imprint on my heart. Never will my mind depart from the thought that I am lucky to be blessed with such a caring yet beatiful circle of friends. Thank you my dear friends.

On Friday night, went out with 05S71 for dinner but before that, we actually hunt for food. Hahaha! But before that I'd like to apologise to them for being very late (although not the latest). I cleanly forget about the post-exams dinner and luckily Bashirah called me. If not, I'll miss such a great night with you guys. Went to Marina Bay and then headed towards Suntec City. Had a Breaded Chicken Manueire and Chocolate Malt Ice Cream at Swensens and then went to the Fountain of Wealth. Yeah, we were like small kids, instead of wishing for good luck, we actually played and splashed one another with the water there. Fun, really fun. Oh ya! For the first time in my life, I saw a guy proposing to his girlfriend. I thought it was only done on tv but no men, this is the reality. Wow! That guy is really a gentlemen. The girl was so touched that she cried. Ohhh... we were touched too(don't know for what). Later, we went to the Esplanade's terrace. Gosh! Couples everywhere. Felt so out of place. Hahaha!

Yesterday, went to Bedok North Secondary for 4PM's Annual Project Ramadhan on the Wheels(Roda-roda Ramadhan). Gosh, there were like over hundreds volunteers. That's a good sign. Unfortunately, we were assigned to no groups and the we decided to left for home. I think the project is really one of a kind and has good motives. Well done 4PM despite for the fact that they were not very organized. Sad to say but what to do, they must always be the dark side of everything.

Watched University Forum yesterday. Gosh, it reminisce me of the time I spend in Brunei Darussalam. So nice! The time the Titian Minda debaters had breakfast with the University Forum panelists and gossiped about something thay you can never thought of. Hahaha... about "jengjengjeng" , "mat selenger" and etc.

Today, I am just planning to stay at home and clean my room. I am pretty sad that I still haven't got a single Terawih perfomed. Really hope I'll start to do so tomorrow night but I also do not want to miss the Portrait of Home but never mind have to give it a miss!

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

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