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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I was so busy the during the past few days. Let's talk about what I've did and encountered the past few days. Let me see... On Sunday, stayed at home and helped my Mum to bake cookies for Hari Raya that is coming real soon. Wow. I just enjoy the moments when my family spent together while baking the different cookies. Although this year the experience going to be different without my dear Sister and Grandma and with new presence of my dear nephew, Aisy. Yup, it is going to be new. Later at night, went terawih that I've missed for so many days. Love the feeling of serenity and peacefulness at the mosque. Although spent 2 hours praying and praying, I feel that I was blessed by God by giving me the chance to do so.

Later on Monday, what a bad day! I am so pissed off by someone who never thought that I am a human being with feelings. Should she think I am no one, me too. She's nobody to me. I am nobody to you and you are nobody to me too. I just do not wish to see her face anymore. Enough, you don't deserve any respect at all. Okay let's not talk about this and let my blood peak up its temperature. Later PW, I was pretty moody. Not angry with anyone but just simlpy moody. Did the posters for the Fiesta Aidilfitri poster. Guy and girls, give me your comments ya. I know it is not proffesionally done but I've already gave my best. Next on the list is to get the brochures done. Promised with someone to go to 4PM's headquater but she could not make it. Never mind. Met Kak Suhaila and the rest of the comittee members for the Community Leaders' Forum thingy and the meeting turned out well for me. Went home with Mahsuri(if I remember his name correctly) and he really enlightened me. Learn one thing from him, " If you make my job easy, I'll make yours so too," Yeah, that is true. Reached home at around 11.40 p.m and slept around 1.07a.m.

Today, my day went smoothly except in the morning while walking to the school when I exploded. I know I should have not say those words but it was just urghhh...the unbearable feelings inside just have to come up. I don;t think I shld not bottle up my feelings on those nitty gritty things. Should just let it out. Today, I've talked to someone that I've never done so to before and yeah I did it. Although I was pretty reluctant but for the sake of Fiesta Aidilfitri, I did so too. Yeah, finally my brother-in-law is coming back home today after 6 months away to America, China, and what country is that? So many countries he've visited. So lucky of him of getting a chance to do so. Kind of admire him. My sister surely gonna be so so so happy to meet her dear husband after so long. And Aisy, gonna see his dad finally. So cute of Aisy...

*most probably, these will be the posters you people will be seeing in school. must come for the fiesta adilfitri okay. Got food, performance, competition and etc...surely gonna be a lot of fun, only if YOU are there

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