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Monday, September 19, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I am finally back from Brunei, a beautiful country. I am pretty sad that I have to miss my lovely Bruneian friends. They are very very very nice people. Had a great and wonderful time back there in Brunei. Alright, let me roughly tell you guys about my schedule there:

Day 1: Left Singapore at 9.15 am and reached Brunei at 11.20a.m. We were very-well received. They gave us a warm welcome from them, the Bruneians. They played kompang when we reached the hotel and the media were following us. Had a photoshoot session after they gave us our room keys. Anita had the room all to by herself and I shared a room with Khairul at Room 340. We were divided into 2 teams, one the opposition and proposition. Fortunately, Cikgu Abdoh was my supervising teacher. There was a briefing by the producers and had a welcome dinner at a restaurant. Had a sumptious one that night. Lukman who used to host in Selamat Pagi Singapura was the host for the night.

Day 2: We went sightseeing to Perkampungan Ayer, a Bruneian version of ITE, museums and had a buffet lunch at another restaurant. Sat with Yusnita, Hanisah and the Singaporean debaters. Discussion starts around 7 p.m after dinner.

Day 3: We had discussions and played bowling at 7.30p.m till 9.30p.m. Had dinner at JOLLIBEAN and then headed to the Night Market. WOW! Food Glorious Food! Went to catch a movie soon after that and some ghost story happened to us that night. SCARY! Guess what movie we watched? We still have the audacity to watch the MAID! Brilliant! Promised with the rest that we will shout together but in the end I only shouted once, right Hannah? Hahaha... Slept at that morning and woke up at 8a.m.

Day 4: The Singapore debaters had some problem with JengJengJeng... Hahaha... We were very angry. And more problems seem yet to come. One by one. Luckily, we managed to handle it well, I guess. Yusnita told us that afternoon that we have to sing the inaugural Titian Minda theme song during the recording. The lyrics sounds corny but the tune were just well. Love the song. At night we went to Hanisah's cousin's acara berbedak. A grand event and for your information it is only 1/5 of the whole marriage process. Ya, it is only ONE FIFTH.

Day 5: We had more and more discussions. We decided the allocation of points to each speaker. I was given the task of a 5th speaker and GOSH! It was so much easier to be a debater than the last speaker who have to give comments on the debate and the flaws of the opponent team and stuffs. So DIFFICULT! We were given the title as Ketua Kumpulan a.k.a Team Leader. Hahaha!Then, the guys went to the mosque for the friday prayers. Gosh! The mosque left me in awe. It's so beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking and scintillating. My goodness.

Day 6: We woke up at 7 a.m and got ready for the recording of Bridging Minds (an English Debate) and University Forum. As for Bridging Minds, Amoz is just SO good! We Singaporeans are so proud of him. Congratulations! He bagged the Best Speaker of the 9th Bridging Minds. We return to the hotel and continue with the discussions and continued on till 3 a.m.

Day 7: We had our recording that day. We had to be at the Radio Television of Brunei Studio at 7.30a.m. Dry-runs again and again all the way till we have our lunch and make-up and hair-do.The recording started at 2p.m and ended at 5p.m. Anita should win the best debater but still, Hamid is not bad. Alhamdulillah, thank God, my team won. Hamid, thanks for the title 'DIVA' you gave me and had a great time on stage with you singing the song Titian Minda with a popular singer there, Fakhrul Razi. Yahoo! At night, we had a grand gala dinner at a 5* hotel with Mr. Yatiman Yusoff and the General Secretary of Brunei(if I am not wrong). After that we went to Jerudong Park Playground. Hahahaha! Had a great, great, great time there. Played the water log 5 times consecutively. Anita, Faisal, Kamarudzaman and me played in the rain and had a long run to the carpark for the bus with no shoes on. Goodness gracious! Had a fun time of my life there. Spent the night there till around 2 a.m.

Day 8: We had breakfast at 9a.m and checked out at 10a.m. What a sad, heart-moving moment we had when we were at the airport. Tears are overwhere. Emotions are in the air. Gonna miss them so much; Hussein, Faisal, Hamid, Kamarudzaman and Hanisah. Our flight was at 12.15p.m and reached Singapore at 2.30p.m. It is just so great to be back here in the sunny Singapore. Had lunch with the Singaporeans debaters at SWENSENS till 6.00p.m Love them so much. Syahidah and Anita are so much like my big sister and Hannah is like my twin sister. Long-lost one, maybe. hahaha! I wonder how we got so close to each other within the span of 8 days only.

Thanks Yusnita, Mak Bedah(our L.O), Hazlinda, Cikgu Abdoh, Lukman, Ezra, Bruneians, English debaters, forumnists and etc who made my presence there a memorable one.

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