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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Wow! I must say there is a culture shock when I came back. What? I know, many will say that I was only in Brunei for 8 days but how come I came back with a culture shock welcoming me? Yes, I have to say that the Bruneians treated me extremely well and I am so amazed how the people there treasure our Malay tradition. Such a pity, less and lesser Singaporeans Malay find that our tradition should be uphold forever. BOOM! When I return back to school on Wednesday, Ist period Malay Lesson, Madm hani says, " okay, get ready for your Peribahasa test!" What? Peribahasa Test? Gosh! I just tried my best to do it and I had to resit for the test on the following morning. She also announced,"... Okay memorise all the 80 peribahasa because we will be having a mock full paper 2 on this coming Wednesday..." She continued, "...the Literature srudents, your tests will be on the 4 dramas on this Monday" GOSH! Later during PW lesson, Mr. Teo announced to the class that everybody has handed their 2nd draft of EoM and some even handed in the 3rd one. What? Another big blow to me. I still haven't got hold of my 1st draft as yet. Promos will be in just 2 weeks time and yet, i still haven't prepared a single thing. Gosh! I am so upset about it. I have to peak up. I do not even want to dream me staying back and not promoted to J2 next year. Help me GOD!

I just miss them so much; Hamid(diva from Brunei), Faisal, Hussein, Hanisah and of course the friendly Kamarudzaman. Met with Anita, Syahidah, Kak Guy, (opps i forgot her name) and Khairul. It was so nice to meet Syahidah and Anita after we came back from Brunei. It would be better if Hannah could join us yesterday. Haissh... Syahidah will be leaving on the 30th Sept for London. She will be doing her Honours in BioChem there at Imperial University for 4 long years. Gonna miss her like hell! So lucky of her to get a scholarship from PSC (or PSA?). I am so proud of her. GO Syahidah! You are one of my IDOLS! Anita,Hannah,Siti Nurhaliza you as well.

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

Salam ikhwan, Muhammad Izwan

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